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Environmental Testing Services

Environmental Testing Capabilities

Advanced Compliance Solutions delivers a wide range of environmental testing services to meet your specific requirements. We have the resources and capabilities to help you hit the environmental testing benchmarks that you must attain.

ACS’s Environmental Simulation Laboratory is used to determine a product's ability to perform during or after exposure to adverse environments. Tests are used to confirm a product's quality or integrity, verify claims of operational limits, and prepare products for reliable field operation.

A variety of environments may be expected to be encountered by a product in its lifetime. Simulations of high temperatures and high humidity's may be alternated with cold and dry atmospheres. A product may be exposed to vibration in shipping, or in use, as well as mechanical shock or drop.  Wet conditions, and/or highly corrosive salt fog exist.  ACS can also subject products to flame.

To compound the need of the manufacturer for environmental testing, the WEEE and RoHS Directives are causing a great deal of solder free changes to be made which can cause problems with product integrity.  ACS can help find the weak links.  Contact us today.

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