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ACS Testing Facilities

Our facilities were conceived, designed and built to maximize the workflow of the dedicated product engineer. It’s a collaborative environment so that our engineers can work with your engineers to get your product approved as soon as possible.
The facilities at ACS were built with individual stations that allow for focused attention and troubleshooting in separated testing areas such as ESD, EFT, Emissions, Surge, etc. Our EMC testing lab, as well as all of our product safety and wireless labs, are built to suit your needs.

Regulatory Compliance Testing Labs That Maximize Workflow

Our regulatory compliance testing labs are clean and bright and have 14,000 square feet of room to spread out and maintain privacy for protection of confidential materials under testing. There are separate stations for the wide range of testing types available. Test equipment is chosen to allow for performing product testing concurrently with other ongoing projects for easier scheduling. Testing flows efficiently through the lab from station to station.

Each test station has separate EUT power and dedicated test equipment. And the amenities allow for maximum flexibility of product configuration so that set-up time is minimized.

EMC Testing Lab

Extra Amenities

  • True European 230V / 50Hz throughout the facility along with domestic 120V and 220V 60Hz.
  • Air compressor with lines to the OATS, chambers and throughout the lab.
  • Dock height and ground-level shipping and receiving with a forklift for heavy handling
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